Ashton Central Mosque announcement regarding re-resumption of activities.

March 30, 2020 in Home by aslam

Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

Many of you will be aware that ACM resumed congregational prayers on 18th February, albeit with strict measures in place.

Inshallah, we look forward to praying our first Jummah prayer since the lockdown this coming Friday.

We wish to remind everyone that the same measures remain in place for Friday prayers as is the case with daily prayers. This includes no admission for children under 16 years old, no admission to anyone with an elevated temperature, no admission to anyone without a mask or a shoe bag etc.

For those who will be attending please take careful note of the following conditions.

  • No under 16s allowed
  • It is advised anyone over the age of 60 continues to pray at home.
  • Observe 2 metre social distancing rule
  • Bring and wear a mask at all times in the mosque. ACM will NOT provide a mask.
  • Bring their own shoe bag
  • Temperatures will be checked on arrival. Anyone with an elevated temperature will not be permitted entrance to the mosque.
  • Anyone with any underlying health issues must not attend the mosque.
  • Anyone displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or living with anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 must not come to the mosque.
    Anyone who has travelled abroad or has been in contact with anyone who has travelled abroad within the last 14 days must not come to the mosque.
  • A new one-way entrance/exit system must be adhered to.
  • Under no circumstances can the toilet/wudhu facilities be used.
  • Only fardh prayers will be offered in the mosque. – All other prayers must be prayed at home.
  • The mosque will only be opened 15 minutes before jamaat times.
  • You must leave immediately after the end of fardh prayers.
  • You expected to remain silent during the entire time inside the mosque.
    -No shaking hands and/or hugging each other.
  • Everyone will be screened at the entrance.
  • Anyone who doesn’t comply with any of the above will not be permitted entrance to the mosque.
  • All congregants will be required to complete and sign a health questionnaire.

If a member of our congregation tests positive for Covid-19 they will be required to notify ACM as soon as possible.
If ACM is notified that a member of our congregation has tested positive for Covid-19 we will be required to suspend our activities with immediate effect.
ACM will track and trace people who may have been affected by a positive Covid-19 test by a member of our congregation.
All congregants will be required to sign a register each time they attend ACM.

The challenge for everyone at ACM is to continue to provide congregational prayer service whilst adhering to the strict guidelines – in particular social distancing rules.

We have no other option but to reduce our maximum capacity of the number of attendees quite considerably to 77 people.

This will mean that we will hold 3 jamaats for Friday prayers. 1st Jammat will be at 13:45, 2nd jamaat will be at 14:15 and the 3rd jamaat will be at 14:45.

We urge everyone to complete the health questionnaire by following the link in the message below. This will allow us to ensure that we can process people quicker at the entrance.

Please note that ONLY fardh prayers will be permitted. Everyone is requested to pray the remainder of their prayers at home.

We ask everyone to remain patient with us especially if you are asked to wait outside until the start of the next jamaat if the maximum capacity has been reached.

Finally, we would like to remind you that we still require volunteers for Friday. If you can make yourself available please get in touch with the Imams or a member of the management team.

In order to save time when entering the mosque please click on the following link and submit your health questionnaire in advance of attending the mosque.


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Ashton Central Mosque Charitable Trust
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National Westminster Bank Plc,
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If you do not have online banking then please make cheques payable to “Ashton Central Mosque Charitable Trust” and send them to

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