March 30, 2020 in Home by aslam

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Asalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakaatuh.

Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily suspend congregational activities at the Mosque due to the Corona virus pandemic.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Mosque has ceased to provide its services. On the contrary, we have been ramping up our online presence and Alhumdulillah, online Madrassah classes are up and running. An online Jumuah Khutbah is also available and Insha’Allah, in the coming days this and a number of other activities will be available on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel in order to cater for our congregation’s and community’s spiritual wellbeing in these testing times.

The astute amongst you will be aware that unfortunately, most of the Mosque’s standing costs cannot be suspended and so are still being incurred. With Jumuah congregational prayers suspended, Jumuah collections which are the Mosque’s main source of income have dried up and so it is imperative that we all do our best to continue to donate online to the Mosque using the accounts details given below please.

The easiest way would be to setup an online standing order with your bank using your smartphone App or online banking using the details below. You may also make one off donations as and when you wish.

Insha’Allah, these difficult times will pass but we want to reassure you that any decision to restart congregational activities will not be influenced by monetary considerations. The safety and wellbeing of our congregation and wider community are of paramount importance. Please stay safe and healthy by following government guidelines on staying at home and if warranted, self-isolate.


Name of Beneficiary:
Ashton Central Mosque Charitable Trust
Beneficiary’s Bank & Branch:
National Westminster Bank Plc,
Ashton-under-Lyne Branch.
Warrington Street
Sort Code: 01-00-39
Account No: 1161 5680

If you do not have online banking then please make cheques payable to “Ashton Central Mosque Charitable Trust” and send them to

Ashton Central Mosque,
Hillgate Street,