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Asalaamu alaikum,

Have you ever wanted to learn First Aid skills?
Or you just want to refresh your skills?

Then this event is for you.

The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) are organising a First Aid event in mosques across the UK. And this year Ashton Central Mosque is participating.

This will be on Saturday 25th September after Zuhr salah (2:30pm – 4:30pm).

The following skills will be covered:

  1. CPR
  2. Recovery Position
  3. Choking Management

ALL ARE WELCOME! (Brothers, Sisters and Children)

If you are interested, then please signup using the link below:

You will receive a Certificate of Participation on completion!

Jazakallah khairan

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Please donate generously & support your Masjid

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Ask the Imam

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Do you have an Islamic question that you just don’t know the answer? don’t know who to ask?

Ask your question below and we will try to get your question answered

    * Please note questions will be read out on a live video stream, this will be done anonymously and will help others with similar questions