2020 Events

A glimpse of events in the Community and Masjid throughout the year

January 2020


Raja Shabbir Lehri Passed Away – Brother Raja Aziz
Shafqat Mehmood Passed Away
Father of Muhammad Zulfiqar Passed Away
Phuppo of Dr. Shariq Sabri Passed Away
Chacha of Dr. Shariq Sabri Passed Away
Sister of Baji Shagufta Mehmood Passed Away
African Muslimah Convert passed away and the entire community raised funds for her burial


Monthly Masjid Giyarvein Sharif
Monthly Halqa e Darood
Monthly Dawat Islami Ijtima
School Visits X3 – 21.01.20, 22.01.20, 28.01.20
Potential new convert learning and taking lessons on Islam
New convert preparing for Umrah
Hifz Student Xavier Muhammad Iffakh – Completed his Hifz al-Qur’an in 11 Months 24.01.2020 1st local student to become a Hafiz at Ashton Central Mosque
Taxi Meeting 22.01.20 Community Centre
Libyan female cleaning volunteer at Masjid
Angela Rayner Surgery Post-Jumu’ah
Mental Health Seminar – Action Together & Faiths United Tameside
Khush Amdid Ladies Event – Angela Rayner Party