tumblr_ltq69zlFPr1qglbpxo1_500The day of Jumu‘ah functions as the focal point and axis for the entire Muslim community. They gather and reconnect with the majestic and timeless words of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta ‘Ala and find guidance and meaning in the life of the Prophet Salla Allahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallama. To enable the effective delivery of the true message of Islam the Imam delivers Jumu‘ah in three different languages to cater for all the congregants. To further engage the congregants and enable the spread of the Jumu‘ah message, the Imam at Ashton Central Mosque delivers the speech and Khutbah with a Power Point Presentation, which can be downloaded from the webpage below. 



    • 12:00 – 12:15 Qur’anic Recitation
    • 12:15 – 12:25 Jumu‘ah Adhaan & Sunnahs
    • 12:25- 12:55 Jumu‘ah Speech in English
    • 12:55 – 1:00 Jumu‘ah Announcements and Khutbah in Arabic
    • 1:00 – Jumu‘ah Salah Begins
    • To request a Jumu‘ah topic, have a question answered on Jumu‘ah or feedback and comments, please  contact the Imam on: imam_gm@yahoo.co.uk



January 7.1.22 – Relationships – Love & It’s Languages Part I PDF Relationships – Love & It’s Languages Part I Audio 

January 14.1.22 Relationships – Love & It’s Languages Part II PDFRelationships – Love & It’s Languages Part II Audio

Guest Speaker – Reflections – Hafiz Sami M. Akbar PDF Reflections – Hafiz Sami M. Akbar Audio

January 28.01.22 True Friends PDF True Friends Audio

February 4.2.22 Qualities of A True Friend PDF Qualities of A True Friend Audio

February 11.2.22 Our Speech & Society PDF Our Speech & Society Audio

March 04.03.22 Maximising Sha’ban PDF Maximising Sha’ban Audio

March 11.03.22 – Tyranny PDF Tyranny Audio

March 25.03.22 – Interview & Appointment With Allah PDF Interview & Appointment With Allah Audio

April 1.4.22 – Welcoming Ramadan – Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad – Audio – Video https://fb.watch/cKit9rkL6Y/

April 08.04.22 – Honouring Our Daughters – Sayyidah Fatimah PDF Honouring Our Daughters – Sayyidah Fatimah Audio

April 15.04.22 – Promises of Allah To The Youth PDF – Promises of Allah To The Youth – Audio

April 11. 22.04.22 – Striving Hard In Last 10 Days PDF Striving Hard In The Last 10 Days – Audio

April 29.4.22 – Continuing on The Path PDF Continuing On The Path – Audio



The Spirit of Jumu’ah

Rhetoric is “one of the tools of calling people to Allah and one of the most important educational, coaching and influential means. It also has many fruits to yield such as; resolving conflicts, ending clashes, calming angry souls, spurring the fervour of apathetic souls, restoring rights, the voice of the wronged and the tongue of guidance. Rhetoric ignites the fervour of the armies, pushes them to pursue death and empowers their moral vigour” Read More…


Top Ten Khateebs; Killing Fridays

Every Friday morning, Muslims with a Y chromosome (and a bunch with two X’s) around the globe get ready for their weekly trip to the Mosque for a sermon, or “khutbah” as we call it. For some, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get a much-needed inspiration-boost and “īmān-rush” to last until next week… …and for most, it’s a wonderful opportunity to catch a nap while in an awkward sitting position, or find new fascination with pocket lint or wayward strings jutting out of our clothes, or even discover how pretty the Mosque carpet designs are. Read More…