Online Madrasah

Online Madrasah Resources 

Dear Parents, on this page you will find Madrasah resources for your children to use at home. This will help them engage and learn their religion more interactively and holistically. If you can, please print the resources so students can colour them in and learn in a fun manner.

Prepare your children during Ramadan with these resources:

Fatimah az-Zahra

Ramadan Calendar ACM

Ramadan Journal For Kids

Ramadan Tutor E-Book

Ramadan – Doodle & Notebook

Ramadan 2020 Prep

Ramadhan Booklet

The most essential Du’as all Muslims should know in a reader friendly format with clear Arabic, transliteration and English translation. Please download, read, learn and share with your family and children.

Essential Duas ACM Madrasah Level 1 

Essential Duas ACM Madrasah Level 2 

Essential Duas ACM Madrasah Level 3

As we are in the month of Rajab where the blessed journey of Isra’ & Mi’raj took place, please use these resources to inform and educate your children.

Lessons From Isra’      The Night Journey        Isra’ & Mi’raj For Children

Prophets of Allah Colouring Book

Word Search Pack

Seerah Booklet

Angels Booklet                             

Hadith Booklet

Prophets Booklet

My Salah Colouring Book

My Dua Colouring & Activity         

My Salah Dua Booklet

During these challenging times it is important that we maintain good cleanliness of the body as well as the heart and soul. This is a concise book for students and parents on the Purification of the Body, Heart & Soul.

Purification of Body, Heart & Soul

Use the time you have with your family productively and learn the 99 Names of Allah SWT. Those who memorise, reflect and apply the names of Allah SWT will enter paradise!

99 Names of Allah Flashcards         My Memorisation Tick Chart of Allahs Names

Test yourselves and your children with these fun and exciting quiz questions about Islam.

Islamic Quiz 1- 3        Islamic Quiz 4 – 6        Islamic Quiz 7 – 9

Reminders For Dhul Hijjah & Hajj

First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah          

Things to do in the first 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah 

Hajj For Kids – Map