Mosque Construction:


Construction Progress: Status as of 26th February 2012

Work to carry out the omitted program of finishing works and defect clearance is continuing in the Mosque, Atrium, Mortuary, Kitchen, Classrooms and site boundaries (complete the boundary treatment, kitchen, installation of lighting, PA and AV systems, paneling, Mehraab, and the installation of carpets). GTCN have been unable to complete snagging rework as expected and will continue on site for the next few weeks.


Awaiting Building Control certification by sometime in early 2012.

Outstanding Pledges

If you have an outstanding pledge for a donation, we’d like to urge you to do your utmost to fulfill your pledge as soon as possible please. Thank You.

Dua-e-Khayr held at the site of the new Ashton Central Mosque on Friday 14th May 2010
4D construction model of the new Mosque