Ramadan Preparation Guide: Preparing for the month of Ramadan begins with sowing the seeds of obedience in the month of Rajab. Then nurturing and cultivating this in the month of  Sha’ban and finally enjoying the fruits of your labour in the blessed day and nights of Ramadan. All of this requires physical, spiritual and mental preparation, without which one fails to achieve the real purpose of Ramadan.

Ramadan and Diabetes Guide: Ensuring that you take care of your health is of paramount importance throughout the year and more so in the month of Ramadan. This guide will help those who suffer from diabetes manage their health more effectively to enable a positive impact on their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Tarawih Rak’ats: To perform Salah al-Tarawih in the sacred month of Ramadan has been declared Sunna Mu’akkada (stressed practice) by Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafi’i and Imam Ahmad (may Allah shower His mercy upon them). Imam Malik has classified it as Mandub (preferred), though he too acknowledges its importance. To perform it in congregation is also a Sunna,as this has been proven from the Prophet Salla Allahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallama. The aim of this short article is to prove conclusively an issue that has been agreed upon by our scholars for the last fourteen centuries; that Salah al-Tarwih consists of twenty Rak’ats. Prophetic narrations, reports and the opinions of our pious ancestors will be highlighted to prove this, and objections raised on the issue will also be answered. 

FIFA World Cup Football – & The Game Of Life: The Brazilian world cup fever is permeating throughout the world, it brings along much joy and sorry for all those involved. However it is important to reflect on the game of football and the game of life, that will also end one day. Which team do you play for? What are your goals? And will you win or lose in the game that Allah has placed you in when the stoppage time is up and the whistle is blown?

Layla Nisf -e- Sha’ban: The fifteenth night of Sha‘ban is an important night in the Islamic calendar. In Arabic, this night is called ‘Layla Nisf  Sha‘ban’, meaning the ‘middle night of Sha‘ban.’ It is also called Layla al-Bara’a or Shabe Bara’at, (Shabe is Persian for night), which means ‘the night of immunity’. The night is so called because Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta ‘Ala offers immunity from the fire of Hell for those who repent to Him sincerely on this night.  

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