How To Perform Umrah – Presentation

Tips On The Etiquettes Of Hajj

Pilgrims performing the Hajj or ‘Umrah must do the following:

1- Pay charity in abundance and refrain from harming others.

2- Select righteous company such as those who are willing to do good. It was said, “Choose the companion before choosing the route.” Verily, God the Almighty is the greatest and best Companion. When the Prophet would go on a journey, he would make Takbir [say ‘God is the Greatest’] thrice and then, after settling on the back of his mount say, “Exalted be God, the One Who has placed this [transport] at our service, and we ourselves would not have been capable of it, and to our Lord is our final destiny. Read More…

The Rulings And Wisdoms Of Hajj

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is fard ‘ain (an individual obligation) upon all Muslims, males and females. Its conditions are:

– Sanity.
– Maturity.
– Freedom.
– Capability [financial and physical]. Read More…

The Requirements of Hajj

In this context, a requirement is an action that is prohibited to omit willingly without a necessity. It does not invalidate hajj but necessitates slaughtering in expiation. The requirements of hajj include:

1- Assuming ihram from the miqat

It means initiating hajj and ‘umrah by assuming ihram from the designated miqat for a pilgrim’s country. This means not going beyond the miqat site for his country without entering ihram. It is permissible for a pilgrim to assume ihram from his country, the airport, the seaport, on board a plane, on board a ship, or from the miqat site itself. Read More…

The Meaning And Secrets Of Hajj

In view of their sublime status, hajj and ‘umrah comprise aspects from the rest of the acts of worship. They are accorded meanings, secrets, lessons and signs that are worthy of pause and contemplation in the hope of exposing ourselves to their beauties, perhaps God will grant us the success of realizing their splendor by word and deed.

Hajj and ‘umrah include prayers, spending in charity, fasting, ritual sacrifice, traveling (a migration of both form and spirit), sa’y (traversing as-Safa and al-Marwa), tawaf (circumambulating the Ka’bah), dhikr (making remembrance of God), du’a` (supplication) and jihad (struggling in the cause of God). It represents the commemoration [the worship] of a long line of devotees of God from Prophet Abraham to Prophet Muhammed, the seal of prophets.Read More…

The Excellence Of Hajj And ‘Umrah

There are numerous hadiths mentioned on the excellence of hajj and ‘umrah. A selection is included under the following: 1- The best kind of jihad. 2- A jihad for those who are unable to undertake it. 3- Renewal of faith. 4- Obliteration of previous sins. 5- The reward of hajj is Paradise. 6- Liberation from Hellfire. Read More…

Overview Of The Rites Of Hajj And ‘Umrah

1- Ihram is the first rite for both hajj and ‘umrah. Pilgrims enter ihram from its temporal and spatial miqats (appointed places and times from where and when pilgrims assume ihram) in the prescribed manner.

2- A pilgrim then enters Mecca whereupon, a pilgrim on ‘umrah performs the obligatory tawaf which consists of seven rounds, each beginning from the Black Stone. During circumambulation, the Ka’bah must be to the pilgrim’s left. Every time he passes by the Black Stone, he kisses it (if possible) or points to its direction while making takbir.

3- Going between as-Safa and al-Marwa mounts seven times. Read More…