The purpose of the following code of conduct is to create an environment of peace and tranquility within the premises of Ashton Central Mosque (ACM) for attendees, staff and management. Furthermore, this code of conduct is designed to protect the sanctity of the mosque and to provide a peaceful place of worship for all attendees. All attendees must respect and observe the following code/rules.

The mosque is the house of Allah SWT. Therefore, please observe silence during prayer times and focus on worshiping Allah.

Ashton Central Mosque (ACM) encourages an open and welcoming environment for all attendees (Muslims and non-Muslims).

Shoes must not be worn anywhere inside the Mosque building except in the designated entrance areas and the community centre.

Attendees should dress appropriately and modestly in line with Islamic teachings.
Women should cover their hair.

The duty Imam shall lead the prayer sessions unless he appoints another individual qualified to lead the prayer sessions.

The Head Imam is the authority on answering questions on religion.

Attendees must respect the right of other persons to listen to sermons and offer their prayers on a timely basis and in a peaceful atmosphere.

Attendees are requested not to disturb or walk directly in front of anyone who is offering salaat.

Attendees are requested not to talk loudly, use foul and/or inappropriate language or discuss topics which may be considered disrespectful.

Attendees must not use abusive, insulting, threatening or intimidatory behaviour (either verbal or physical towards other members of the congregation, employees, management or Trustees of the mosque.

Attendees must refrain from airing their personal grievances, quarrels, grudges and disagreements whilst on mosque premises.

Attendees shall not use the facilities and premises of the ACM to engage in any unlawful activities.

ACM premises shall not be used as a platform for any unauthorised protests.

Any suggestions or grievances regarding the ACM and its management should be brought to the attention of the Trustees in writing.

Males above the age of 10 shall not enter the female prayer areas other than in exceptional circumstances or for a legitimate reason.

Females above the age of 10 shall not enter the male prayer areas other than in exceptional circumstances or for a legitimate reason.

All attendees must be considerate of ACM’s neighbours and keep noise levels and general behaviour to an acceptable standard.

ACM operates a no smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted within the grounds of the ACM.

Attendees shall not, deface, misuse or damage the buildings, fixtures and fittings, signage, trees and landscaped areas of the ACM

Mobile phones and other electronic devices must either be switched off or switched to mute during prayer services.

Attendees must not consume food or drink in the designated prayer areas. Specific exceptions apply during Ramadhan for those observing Itikaaf and Taraveh prayers.

Only persons authorised by the Trustees of the mosque may participate in collecting and handling money at Friday prayers, or other events.

Collections for other charitable organisations or for natural disasters on humanitarian grounds may only take place with the permission of the Trustees.

Anyone wishing to have an announcement made shall provide said announcement in writing to the Trustees for prior approval.

Only the Trustees or persons authorised by the Trustees may make public announcements or instruct the Imam to make such announcements.

It is the duty of every attendee to help to keep the ACM premises clean.

It is the duty of all attendees to ensure that the Mosque’s resources are not wasted.
Therefore, attendees are requested to help to minimise the use of energy and water.

No posters, notices or other sales and marketing materials may be displayed on ACM premises without the prior approval of the Trustees. Clear tape (“Sellotape”) must not be used for fixing anything to the walls and other fixtures.

No pamphlets, newsletters or other literature may be distributed on ACM premises without the prior approval of the Trustees.

Attendees at the ACM premises must observe all health and safety announcements and follow safety instructions issued by the staff and management team of the

Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas and for everyone’s safety drivers must observe the speed restrictions in force whilst on ACM premises

Ashton Central Mosque operates a zero tolerance approach to breaches in relation to the above code to protect the sanctity and assets of the mosque. A breach of any of the above rules may result in sanctions against the individuals) concerned at the discretion of the Trustees, including permanent exclusion of the individual(s) from all premises owned by ACM.