Those who wrote objectively about Prophet Muhammad [peace and blessings be upon him] in the western culture represent the greatest intellectuals and prominent philosophers of the western world. Overwhelmed by the greatness of his character, the nobility of his morals, and chastity of his demeanors, they sought to understand his greatness. In this article, we will mention some of these opinions.

-James Michener

The European historian wrote in his article, The Extraordinary Personality: “With his extraordinary personality, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), caused a revolution in the Arabian Peninsula and in the whole East. He destroyed idols with his bare hands and established an eternal religion that calls for believing in the One Almighty God.”


The French philosopher wrote, “Prophet Muhammad was the inspiring prophet and believer. No one can contest this high status. The feelings of equality and fraternity founded by Muhammad among the Islamic bloc were applied in practice even on the Prophet himself.”


The great Russian writer and philosopher admired Islam and its teachings of asceticism, ethics and mysticism. He was impressed by the Prophet’s characteristics and wrote in his article Who is Muhammad?, “Muhammad is both a founder and a Messenger. He was among the great men who served the social framework profoundly. It suffices him that he guided a whole community to the light of truth and made it incline towards peace and tranquility, pursue asceticism, and prevented it from shedding blood and making human sacrifice, paving the way for development and civilization. This is a great deed that only a strong man can do and a man like him is worthy of respect and admiration.”

-Thomas Carlyle

The famous English philosopher (1881-1795) devoted a chapter in his book Heroes and Hero Worship on the Prophet of Islam which he entitled The Hero as a Prophet: Mahomet: Islam. In this chapter, he counted the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) among the greatest seven figures in history. He defended Prophet Muhammad against prejudiced accusations saying, “Prejudiced atheists claim that Muhammad only desired personal fame, glory and authority … by God this is a false claim! This great deep-hearted son of the desert, with his beaming black eyes, deep soul full of mercy and beneficence, kindness and piety, wisdom and persuasion had thoughts in him other than worldly ambitions. How can this not be when he had a silent great soul; he was one of those who cannot but be in earnest!” After analyzing Prophet Muhammad’s character and sublime teachings, Carlyle said, “I like Muhammad for his hypocrisy-free nature.”

-Edward Ramsey

The American orientalist said,”Muhammad came to the world with the message of the One Almighty God to lead the people out of darkness into the light. A new dawn that was perceptible on the horizon emerged. The day on which he received the revelation, the great reformer, Muhammad, restored the justice and freedom that were missing from the world. His sound reasoning enlightened the ignorant and the Arabs were finally roused from the slumber of slavery.”


The French poet and philosopher said, “The steadfastness of Muhammad for 13 consecutive years during which he preached his message among his enemies in the heart of Mecca and its environs and among its people, his chivalry, courage, and patience in defying the furies of idolatry infidels, his zeal in spreading his message, the wars he fought with unequal forces, his ambition which was entirely devoted to promoting the word [of truth] and establishing the true dogma and in no way striving for an empire—all of these evidence that Muhammad was backed by an unshakable faith and a true dogma to free humanity from oppression and ignominy. This conviction which engulfed his soul was the source of his strength in revitalizing a great idea that destroyed false gods and introduced a new way of thought with regards to people’s circumstances and affairs. He is the conqueror of ideas, the pioneer of reason, promoter of liberating beliefs and founder of a religion without images.”


The French philosopher wrote, “All of the practices introduced by Muhammad conquered the spirit and refined it; their beauty brought deep admiration and respect to the Mohammedan religion. For this reason, many of the world’s nations embraced Islam even the people of Central Africa and the inhabitants of the Indian Pacific islands.”

-Michael H. Hart

The American scientist attributed the Prophet’s success in spreading his message and the world wide spread of Islam to the tolerance of this religion and the greatness of the Prophet’s morals (peace and blessings be upon him). He chose him to lead the list of the hundred most influential persons in history and said: “Muhammad was the only person in history who was supremely successful in both the religious and secular levels and became a political and military leader.”

-Bernard Shaw

The famous English writer and philosopher said, “At present, Europe has started to feel the wisdom of Muhammad and accept his religion as it will likewise exonerate Islam from the false accusations of European medieval ecclesiastics.” He added: “Therefore, it is possible to confirm my prediction by saying that the religion of Islam will inevitably be accepted in Europe in the near future. I believe that if such a man like Muhammad was given authority over the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring much needed peace and happiness.”

William Moyer

The English historian wrote in his book The Life of Muhammad, “Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is distinguished by the clarity of his words and the facility of his religion. He accomplished amazing deeds. History has never known a reformer who roused souls; revived noble manners and elevated virtue in such a short time as did Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam.”

The above are the opinions of some non-Muslim Western philosophers and intellectuals about the Prophet of Islam. They are considered incontrovertible evidence on the veracity of the prophethood and message of this Prophet who was protected by God the Almighty Who preserved his remembrance in the worlds as a Prophet and Messenger for all times and places, calling every person of sound mind to the way of his Lord until the Day of Resurrection. God has indeed spoken the truth when He said,”And indeed, [O Muhammad], you guide to a straight path.”