Prayers – Salah 

The Ashton Central Mosque is open for all 5 daily prayers, both for men and women. During the month of Ramadan, the fasts are opened collectively in the atrium hall, and Tarawih prayers are performed after Isha’ every night. Facilities are also available for community members to observe I‘tikaf during the last ten days of Ramadan.

 Ashton Central Mosque Annual Salah Timetable

Islamic Marriages – Nikah

Family life leads towards the completion of ones faith and is the building block of a successful society, and marriage is an occasion of great joy in the Muslim community. The Ashton Central Mosque facilitates the Nikah ceremony. The newly-married couple are provided with an official “Nikah” certificate to record thier Islamic Marriage.


Ashton Central Mosque has facilities for conducting Islamic funerals during weekdays and weekends.

We have a modern mortuary with 3 refrigerators and all the necessary equipment to respectfully wash the deceased with dignity and honour.

Weekend & Bank Holiday Funeral Arrangments


Those who cannot attend the Ashton Central Mosque can tune into the radio frequency at home on 454.406250 MHz, Channel number 83
Receivers can be purchased from the Mosque.

All daily Adhan’s can be heard on the radio as well as the Jummuah speech and sermon. All other religious events are broadcast live from the Masjid throughout the year.

Visits and Tours

We have an open door policy for all community members wishing to learn and expand their understanding of Islam and the Muslim way of life. Throughout the year we host visits from schools in Tameside, Councillors, and various other bodies in order to help develop community cohesion and strengthen relationships. Open days and events can be organised via the management or Imam.