Imam Ghulam Moyhuddin


Imam Ghulam Moyhuddin is a charismatic and dynamic British Imam, serving the Muslim community for the last 10 years throughout the UK. Hailing from a family of erudite scholars, he has excelled in training himself in both the religious and secular fields to enable himself to engage holistically with the Islamic texts and contextualise the faith to British Muslims.

A graduate of the Cambridge Muslim College, University of Al-Azhar (Egypt), University of Cambridge, Centre of Islamic Studies, Jamia al-Karam, Jamia Hanfiyyah (PK) and various other institutions. He relishes new cultures and experiences to make him a more effective leader.

Serving as the Head Imam at the Ashton Central Mosque since 2012, he has deeply embedded himself into the community; engaging with the council, police force, magistrates, NHS and local schools; training and educating them on Islam, Shariah and Muslim culture. He strongly believes in providing Pre-Marriage and Post-Marriage counselling sessions to fully inform and strengthen the foundations of marriage and nurture successful relationships. He is a strong spokesperson for open and progressive Mosques, not just for women and different denominations, but for all local community members and faiths. He organises open days, visits, sports days and parties to the Mosque to strengthen the fabric of the local society.

He strongly believes in education and transformation, and therefore delivers PowerPoint presentations in the Friday sermons to better inform his congregants on Islamic and local issues to engage them critically and intellectually. He also works with both national and international charities to help raise funds for notable causes including: water aid, cancer research, organ donation, vulnerable children, food aid, international disasters and humanitarian crises.

Imam Ghulam Moyhuddin is the chair of the Cambridge Muslim College Alumni Advisory Board. Active member of Al-Karam Scholars Association, British Muslim Scholars and Executive Member of the World Organisation of Al-Azhar Graduates. He hopes to nurture the minds of the newer generation Muslims and sow organic seeds of British Islam to share the beauty of Islam and Muslim culture.

Imam Ghulam Moyhuddin recently participated in a BBC programme, Treasure Champs, on ‘Respect for religious places of worship’ and has published two books, Prophetic Treasures and Quranic Litanies in. He also showcased the Ashton Central Mosque and in a short documentary by Cambridge Muslim College. Most recently he executed the successful execution of an 11 day residential recital of Sahih al-Bukhari led by Shaykh Muhammad al-Ya’qoubi with over 500 daily participants and 3,500 attendees on its completion.

He can be contacted directly at the Mosque or on his email address,

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