2018 Khutbas


Qur’anic Principles of Success
Islam – Life of Action I Islam – Life of Action II


Interfaith Fear – Fearful – Fearless
Organ Donation


Winter Blues – The Order & Power of Allah Always Honouring Our Mothers
Fathers Also Matter Managing Stress


Fear Of The World, But Certainty In Allah Backbone of Faith


The Pinnacle of Worship – Prostration Worldly Distractions & Focus
Ramadan of Habit or Faith-Love & Submission? Gifts of Ramadan


Eco-Green Ramadan Emotional Detox Ramadan
Reflections On A Departing Ramadan Football & The Game of Life
Working Towards The Everlasting Home


Family Remembering Srebrenica & It’s Lessons I
Remembering Srebrenica & It’s Lessons II 5 Advices From The Messenger SAW


Season of Hajj Steps & Rewards of Hajj
Results Day


Imaan, Hijrah & Jihad World Clean Up Day
Understanding & Regulating Sadness


Pleasant Speech & Silence Healthy Body & Soul
Dua of Refuge & Saviour Principles of An Ideal Islamic Society I


Principles of An Ideal Islamic Society II  The Prophet PBUH – Our Example For All Times I


Beloved Actions Of The Prophet PBUH Prioritising Family

khutbah_featuredThe Spirit of Jumu’ah

Rhetoric is “one of the tools of calling people to Allah and one of the most important educational, coaching and influential means. It also has many fruits to yield such as; resolving conflicts, ending clashes, calming angry souls, spurring the fervour of apathetic souls, restoring rights, the voice of the wronged and the tongue of guidance. Rhetoric ignites the fervour of the armies, pushes them to pursue death and empowers their moral vigour” Read More…



Top Ten Khateebs; Killing Fridays

Every Friday morning, Muslims with a Y chromosome (and a bunch with two X’s) around the globe get ready for their weekly trip to the Mosque for a sermon, or “khutbah” as we call it. For some, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get a much-needed inspiration-boost and “īmān-rush” to last until next week… …and for most, it’s a wonderful opportunity to catch a nap while in an awkward sitting position, or find new fascination with pocket lint or wayward strings jutting out of our clothes, or even discover how pretty the Mosque carpet designs are. Read More…