Death is an inevitable fact of life, and accepting the decree of Allah ‘Azza Wa Jalla the Ashton Central Mosque is fully equipped to handle funerals.

It has a dedicated modern mortuary with 3 refrigerator spaces and complete washing and shrouding facilities.

All care and attention has been taken at the facility to ensure a comfortable and easy fulfilment of the final rites of those passed away.

The funeral prayers are performed in the expansive car park, in good weather, or alternatively in the community centre in bad weather.

Further to this those wishing to use the Masjid for Khatams, condolences and annual remembrances are also fully catered for. 

Mortuary Stocked Items:
Coffin cloth Nail polish remover
Pre-cut male shroud (Kaffan) Pre-cut female shroud (Kaffan)
Soap Hand wash
Kapoor Cotton wool pleats
Cotton buds Cotton wool balls
Rubber disposable gloves disposable aprons
Towels Jugs
Scissors Black cloth

For funeral related issues please contact:

Haji Khalid Mehmood (077915 -10013)

Haji Mohammed Azram (079572 -28807)

Mosque Office (0161 330 0617)

Weekend & Bank Holiday Burial Arrangements