LogoNoFlash570 • The Prophet Muhammad  is born (12 Rabi’ al-Awwal 53 AH /17 June 570, a Monday, or 9 Rabi’ al-Awwal 51 AH/20 April 571, a Monday)

574 • Halima brings Prophet Muhammad  to his mother in Mecca.

575 • After the death of the Prophet’s mother, Amina, in Ebwa, the Prophet is brought to Mecca by his nurse Umm Ayman and given to the Prophet’s grandfather, Abdul Muttalib.

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prophet-muhammads-name-calligraphyThe Medinah Constitution

The Medina Charter, written and promulgated by Prophet Muhammad for the multi-religious ten thousand-strong citizens of the city-state of Medina in 622 A.D is truly a remarkable political-constitutional document. The claim made by Professor M. Hamidullah that it was the first written constitution in the world is not without basis. Aristotle’s Constitution of Athens, written on papyrus, discovered by an American missionary in Egypt in 1890 and published in 1891, was not a constitution. It was an account of the constitution of the city-state of Athens. Other legal writings on the conduct of ancient societies have been found, but none can be described as a constitution. The Medina Charter is the first, and in this it preceded the American Constitution of 1787, considered by Western authorities as “a landmark document of the Western world … Read More…




mohamed-written-arabicTreaties Of The Prophet Salla Allahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallama

By Dr. Ragheb el-Sergany – Part 1

Treaties Of The Prophet – Part 2

Treaties Of The Prophet – Part 3

The idea of having treaties, negotiations and coexistence with the polytheists was not far from the Prophet’s Salla Allahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallama mind nor strange to him.  Many analysts would think that it is strange because the polytheists’ ideology is completely different than the Islamic creed. That is why many people would think the concept of coexistence between both communities is impossible. The facts about the Prophet’s Salla Allahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallama life show his true wish to coexist peacefully with communities around him no matter what their creed was.  He wished to coexist even with worshippers of idols, stars, trees or anything else.



 tumblr_m9l68eu73C1r91dumo1_500The Letters Of The Prophet Muhammad To The Kings Beyond Arabia








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WarEthics Of War

Islam as a complete system encompasses all aspects of life and places principles and methodologies which help people to face the challenges which they encounter on a daily basis. Islam managed to connect between worldly affairs and human behavior without turning a blind eye on the hereafter and the next world.

This comprehensive understanding of world issues applies on the concept of war in Islam which is governed with restricted rules that makes it one of the noblest forms of war fares and was legislated for defending human rights, preventing injustice and oppression and preserving human rights.
Some of the results and consequences which are sought out of war from the Islamic perspective are as follow:

Disciplining the self to get accustomed to chivalry, knighthood and nobility.
Setting freedom and justice for all people regardless of their religious affiliation or creedal beliefs. Read More…


Jihad (1)Jihad in Islam: Myths & Facts

The concept of Jihad in Islam is one of the topics that causes the most confusion and is surrounded by a loud cacophony aiming at equating Jihad with mass murder and random shooting sprees. All concepts have roots in a group of beliefs that nourish the concept into full bloom. By applying this definition on Jihad, we would find that its roots are not the same as what infamous propaganda would have us believe; that Islam instils blood lust and a desire to terrorize people and massacre them in cold blood or convert them at the point of a sword. Read More…

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