Children must be almost 5 years old when applying.

Proof of age must be shown – such as a birth certificate or passport.

If your child has any medical problems or needs then you must inform us during the application.

There is no reservation or early registration system. Applications are based on a first come first served basis.

Specific teachers cannot be requested upon application. The child will be allocated suitably based on their age and class availability.

Students cannot move classes unless in genuine extenuating circumstances where it is possible.

The monthly Madrasah fee is £20 which must be paid in full by the 2nd Thursday of each month. Failure to pay the fee on time will result in a fine.

Classes are divided based on age range and gender.

5 – 10 years old, male and female
11-16 years old, male and female

Class 1 starts promptly at 4.30 PM and ends at 5.45 PM
Class 2 starts promptly at 5.45 PM and ends at 7.00 PM
Hifz class starts at 4:30 PM and ends at 7.00 PM

Parents or Guardians may visit the Madrasah outside of Madrasah teaching hours and have a look at the classrooms to familiarise themselves with the setup. Alternatively parents or guardians can view Madrasah classes taking place between 4.30 – 7.00 PM when pre-arranged and supervised by a teacher.

The Qaa’idah & Qur’an are both taught with Tajweed.
Islamic studies are taught in English.
We follow and teach the An-Nasihah curriculum – Books 1-8
We do not provide Urdu classes currently.
All classes are taught in English

Daily registers are taken to collect data such as:
Present, Absent, Late, Sabak Read, Sabak Missed, Behaviour, Targets, etc.
Parents’ Evening takes place twice a year in Spring and Winter which is compulsory to attend. This is to inform parents and guardians of the progress and development of the student.
Additional reports and students reviews are given in summer.

Students must follow all class and Madrasah rules, otherwise detentions will be given and further action taken such as suspension and expulsion.

Islamic Holidays throughout the year are given off such as:
Israa’ & Mi’raaj, 15th Sha’baan, 1st Ramadaan, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, 1st Muharram, Aashura & Milad al-Nabi.
Madrasah classes remain on during Ramadan.

Summer holidays in August are given off from the Madrasah.
Easter & Christmas holidays are given off from the Madrasah – although the Imams still run daily drop in sessions during these periods for those still wishing to attend.
During teacher training days Madrasah is off.

All teachers are DBS checked

There is a maximum of 15 students per class.

Students who have unauthorised absences for more than 3 weeks will be removed from the registers and will have to re-apply.

7 Madrasah classes are located beneath the community centre in the basement. 5 Madrasah classes are located upstairs on the first floor in the ladies section.

Boys have a separate entrance to the girls – to prevent mixing and unnecessary interactions.

All class rooms are fitted with whiteboards, as well as tables and chairs for students and teachers.

Currently we have 24 daily classes running throughout the week; these cater for the basic Arabic alphabet, recitation of the Qur’aan, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Ahaadith, Akhlaaq, Seerah, Aadaab & Taareekh

Qaaidah: Simple Steps in Qur’aan Reading – By Abu-Saalihah bin Ayyub) Part 1, 2 & 3 – Available at the Masjid

Order Online or from any Islamic Bookstore or Amazon.

Qur’an: 13-16 Line – Large Colour Coded With Tajweed Rules.

Order Online or from any Islamic Bookstore or Amazon.
Islamic Books: An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum, Parts 1 – 8

Order Online or from any Islamic Bookstore or Amazon.
Salah Book: My Salah Book – By Abdul Baseer – Available at the Masjid.

Order Online or any Islamic Bookstore or from any Islamic Bookstore or Amazon. – Available at the Masjid

Required Uniform: Plain (any colour) Full Salwar Kameez/Scarf/Jubbah/Hat

Misc. Plain Notebook, Pen & Book Bag