islam-charityDonation Pledges:

If you have an outstanding pledge for a donation, can we urge you to do your utmost to fulfill your pledge as soon as possible please. Thank You.

Standing Order:

Donating by monthly standing order is the most painless and efficient way of supporting the mosque. Please fill in the standing order form and hand it in at the Mosque. We will arrange to complete the preliminaries and then forward the form to your bank.

Ashton Central Mosque Standing Order Form

By cheque, postal order or bankers draft


Please make cheques payable to “Ashton Central Mosque Charitable Trust” and send them to

Ashton Central Mosque,
Hillgate Street,

By paying direct into our bank account

Name of Beneficiary:
Ashton Central Mosque Charitable Trust
Beneficiary’s Bank & Branch:
National Westminster Bank Plc,
Ashton-under-Lyne Branch.
Warrington Street
Sort Code: 01-00-39
Account No: 1161 5680