The Ashton Central Mosque has an open door policy and welcomes members of all faiths from the community into its premises. It organises awareness programmes to all governmental and local organisations and institutions.

New police officer joining the GMP visit the Mosque to dispel any misconceptions and learn the true message of Islam. Tameside Councillors and local magistrates have also visited the Mosque with bespoke presentations prepared to strengthen communal ties and learn the true message of Islam.

The Mosque on average has over 1000 students from local primary and secondary schools visit throughout the year and works closely with teachers to make students’ learning effective and holistic. 

To organise a tour or visit please fill in the form below and email;

For Primary schools ranging from year 5 to year 8 emailnab21akr@aol.com

For Secondary schools ranging from year 9 onwards emailimam_gm@yahoo.co.uk

Please click here to read the Visitng FAQ’s before completing the Booking Form 

Ashton Central Mosque Visiting Form

Visiting Hours:

Mondays – Thursdays 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Excluding Fridays, Religious Holidays and Month of Ramadan

Visit Details:

The visits include a bespoke presentation on Islam, specific for each school and age group, followed by an activity with a Q&A session. The schools can also view live prayers taking place and tour the entire Mosque and enjoy refreshments before they leave.

Local School Visits & Comments:

The Ashton Central Mosque also annually opens it’s community hall and car park to hosts St.James’ sports day and providing drinks and refreshments for all students and parents

51 students from the Standish Community High School in Wigan visited the Mosque on Thursday 27th November 2014 and left their comments:

“Your have given us a clearer understanding of your religion and what a mosque is like. It was very interesting and enjoyable”
“Great hosts, fantastic experience”
“I wish I could go again!”
“We had a really good time at the mosque and are grateful for all the information we were given.”
“5 out of 5 for everything! A great experience”

Phil Jones, Operational Support Officer, Tameside North INPT, Greater Manchester Police

“I was fortunate to attend the Mosque with my work colleagues, as we were invited to attend an “Islamic Awareness Seminar” We were made to feel very welcome and personally I found the seminar very interesting and informative. We were treated to a tour of the magnificent building and I was especially impressed with the chandelier! I recommend that as many Police officers as possible visit the mosque and enjoy the hospitality that I did”